Open Data

What a lot has happened in the last three months since the last post.

Network Rail, working with Rockshore, have opened up some of their information systems. This is the same data that I started working with a year ago – except it’s now open to everyone. I met with Network Rail shortly before the platform was released (along with a group of other developers) and made suggestions for several, more detailed sets of information to be opened up, and I have more on my list for the next meeting in September.

To help the developer community, I’ve started the Open Rail Data Wiki, and it’s a busy little thing already. OpenTrainTimes is getting a design overhaul and these real-time feeds integrated, which is a massive job to do properly – but ‘properly’ is what I want to do.

Finally, two other items of great interest are that Network Rail have also released the Working Timetable and Sectional Appendices, both available on their transparency page. I’m still hiding freight trains from OpenTrainTimes, and still pestering Network Rail to make a decision on whether or not these are shown.

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