Mid-March Update

I’ve been very quiet here lately, for which I apologise. I’m actually doing some behind-the-scenes engineering to make the site faster, as it’s undoubtedly going to be very popular when Network Rail are up and running with their promised Open Data platform in a couple of months.

Continuing thanks to everyone who has been in touch about the site – pointing out bugs, suggesting things or asking about freight and charter times. I need very few fingers indeed to count the number of negative emails I’ve had, and I think there’s only been two people I’ve been unable to win over by being honest and open about things.

So, what’s happening with the timetable data? I’ve been talking with Network Rail about the timetable situation, and they’re having some internal discussions – I’m hoping (but I can’t promise) to know what the situation will be in the next fortnight. Please continue to hang in there.

Finally – a couple of people have reported that passing times for trains are no longer shown. I’m pleased to report that I’ve found the reason why and fixed the bug – if you’re in Detailed Mode (previously Advanced mode), you’ll see PASS times for trains which are timed, but do not stop, at a location.

Please keep sending in your feedback – as ever, it’s really important that I know what you think so I can shape what happens with the site.

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